Derek Macartney

CEO & Founder

Problem Solver
The Tribe Leader
Loves a ping pong meeting

Chris Long

Head Of Global Solutions

Super Connector
The Godfather
His football stories alone are worth taking that meeting

Connor Murray

Onsite @ Typeform

Unicorn Finder
The Monk
Make's the world's best Carbonara

Joan Angeles

Solutions Technical Resourcer

Time traveller
Joan (my first name)
I have been business minded ever since I was a small child

Sasha Mau'u

Senior Talent Partner

Healing or teleportation
Sasha Fierce! Sassy at times and loves a boogie
My background is half Samoan and half Polish

Kevin Karam

Senior Talent Partner

To foresee the future and outcome of anything I want to foresee
Kev, Big K, Kevlar
I used to be a Music Manager in London

Andrew Pearson

Talent Partner

Time travel
AP, Ape, but honestly, call me anything but Andy
Former Tony Hawk Pro Skater UK champion

James Gormley

Onsite @ Squiz

Silent but deadly
Unavailable on St. Patrick's Day

James Richardson

Sourcing & Talent Attraction Lead

Unrepeatable in polite company
Is a qualified dive master

Rose Pineda

Technical Resourcer

The Underdog
Used to be a volleyball varsity player during middle school

Charlotte Osborne

Onsite @ Squiz

Time Travel
The Diversity Queen
Super Clumsy. Regularly trips over air and walks into walls!

Vini Botelho

Onsite @ Atlassian

Self-proclaimed Sourcing Champ
The Mailman, he Delivers
Worst footballer, has 2 left feet… he's Brazilian

Nadine Devine

Onsite @ The ICONIC

Freeze Time
Deano or Deanz
Used to compete in Irish dancing competitions and won most promising dancer 2000

Mark Abrajano

Technical Resourcer

Ultimate Persuader
The Chieftain
Self-proclaimed bowling superstar

Amy Thomson

Technical Resourcer

To Fly
Goes camping in the snow

Anamaria Macavei

Research Lead

Researcher, does all the work really
The Grinch
Loves Sourdough


+61 2 8377 3344


Level 5/6-8
Underwood Street
Sydney NSW 2000