Derek Macartney

CEO & Founder

Problem Solver
The Tribe Leader
Loves a ping pong meeting

Chris Long

Head Of Global Solutions

Super Connector
The Godfather
His football stories alone are worth taking that meeting

Charlotte Osborne

Onsite @ Drive Yello

Time Travel
The Diversity Queen
Super Clumsy. Regularly trips over air and walks into walls!

Amy Thomson

Technical Resourcer

To Fly
Goes camping in the snow

Connor Murray

Onsite @ Squiz

Unicorn Finder
The Monk
Make's the world's best Carbonara

Vini Botelho

Onsite @ Zip Co

Self-proclaimed Sourcing Champ
The Mailman, he Delivers
Worst footballer, has 2 left feet… he's Brazilian

Anamaria Macavei

Research Lead

Researcher, does all the work really
The Grinch
Loves Sourdough


+61 2 8377 3344


Level 5/6-8
Underwood Street
Sydney NSW 2000