Matthew Angell

Solutions Delivery Manager

Closet Dev
The Professor
Plays in a rock band of one

Chris Long

Head Of Global Solutions

Super Connector
The Godfather
His football stories alone are worth taking that meeting

Derek Macartney

CEO & Founder

Problem Solver
The Tribe Leader
Loves a ping pong meeting

Vini Botelho

Sourcing Engineer

Self-proclaimed Sourcing Champ
The Mailman, he Delivers
Worst footballer, has 2 left feet… he's Brazilian

Anamaria Macavei

Research Lead

Researcher, does all the work really
The Grinch
Loves Sourdough

Ross Hibbert

Onsite @ Atlassian

Sourcing SpecialOps
Sneaker extraordinaire

Dalen Anzilotti

Onsite @ Atlassian

Good Recruiter Stamp
The Yankee
Claims to Shoot like Curry… (he's 5ft tall)


+61 2 8377 3344


Level 5/6-8
Underwood Street
Sydney NSW 2000