Derek Macartney

Founder & CEO

Skim Cap
Watch Liverpool Win EPL

Kylie Clark

General Manager

Skimmed Chai Latte
French Chardonnay
Swim with Whale Sharks

Anna Tabas

Finance Manager

Almond Latte
Gin & Tonic
Year travelling with the Family

Liam Connolly

Frontend Development

Almond Latte
Gin & Tonic
Watch Orca's

Rachel Exton

UI/UX Design

English Breakfast Tea
Cabernet Sauvignon
Scuba Diving at Truk Laggon

Justin Holden

Project Services

Dirty Chai
Beer - Super Dry
Hike the Inca Trail in Peru

Adam Wilkinson

DevOps, Cloud & SRE

Balter XPA
Football World Cup

Chloe Haywood

Cyber Security

Flat White, Double Shot
Roadtripping the South Island of NZ!

Luke Thompson

Software Engineering

Chai Tea Latte
Pint of Guinness
Bungee jump 233 metres off the Macau Tower

Charlotte Osborne

Cyber Security

Oat Milk Chai Latte
Aperol Spiritz
Travel South America

Raj Sharif

Data Science & Analytics

Long Black
Japanese Whiskey
Food Tour South East Asia

Jérémy Corbet

Data Science & Analytics

Soy Cap
Hiking the Himalayas

Lyann Luu

Finance Admin

Almond Cap
Sauv Blanc

Bruno Estevão

Business Intelligence

Wheat Beer
Camper Van New Zealand

Danielle Ferguson

Office Manager

Soy Cappuccino
Gin & Tonic
Southern Lights in Tasmania


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Underwood Street
Sydney NSW 2000